Here is Why You Should Attend a Church Service


Here is an interesting fact; in most denominations, it is not about attending the service, but attending it early enough. In addition, when laziness hits, you claim that going to church is as good as praying from home. While these arguments may be valid, a church service is far much better compared to personal praying. Saint Paul says that if we remain united in mind, there shall be no divisions.


There is an infinite number of reasons why you should attend a church service. Spiritualists argue that attending a church service regardless of whether you are in need or satisfied. You should attend a church service to;


  • Increase Your Faith – When you attend a church service, you get teachings that increase your faith in God. By spending more time with Him, you get convinced that God exists. Also, you may get Catechism teachings. Consequently, you can defend your faith in times of temptation.


  • Understand the scripture – As we all know, almost all Holy books have parables. The Bible has stories, poems, songs, and guidelines. Evidently, it’s difficult to interpret these scriptures correctly. For this reason, you get trained people who help us to understand Gods’ message.


  • Stay away rom Sin – Did you know that failing to attend a church service is a sin? God commanded us to obey the Sabbath Day, and keep it Holy. Also, by going to church, we can fulfil Jesus command of remembering him through bread and wine. However much you try to sin, at least going to church saves you the sinning time.


  • You get relief – It is true. Some people have personal stress, depression, loneliness, and many other psychological diseases. By listening to his message, people leave other problems aside and focus on God. Through praising Him, and meditation, you forget your stress. The result is a relief.


  • Know God more – Once you increase knowledge about God, you can discover Him through personal experiences. While there is no stage of knowing God to your maximum, people learn about God every day. The Bible promises that by knowing God, you will receive.


In addition, we should not just go to church to listen. Instead, participate in all activities, including singing, praying, and giving offerings. Besides, you should practice attributive listening to the word of God. Fridtjof Nansen, a humanitarian, says it’s good to go skiing thinking of God than to go to church and think of skiing.